Citrus fruits ae harvested by the fruit growers when they are ripe. The decision to harvest is taken by expert growers based on their experience and visual color inspection of fruits.

Color of all citrus fruits in the initial stage is green and turn to yellow/orange as they mature. The citrus fruits ripen on tree and will not get any sweeter once we pick them. So ideally they are left on tree until they are completely ripe. Fruits like orange can be left on tree for several weeks.

Problem: Color perception of human eyes vary from person to person and affect the output and quality of harvested fruits.


Using Konica Minolta Chromameter CR-400, color of ripened fruits can be quantified.

CR-400 instrumentMeasuring color of orange using CR-400

CR-400 is a handheld and portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate color capable of capturing even minimal color

variation. It is used to determine yellowness, redness and greenness of fruits. 

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