Flow wrapping machine

As advancement of newer technologies and more innovative products in Pharmaceutical industries the need for better protection of product arises. This has created the need for high barrier films which give protection from external influences like humidity, oxygen & light.

For this , Fuji Machine,Japan provides Hermetic seal Flowrapper for packing various products like blow-fill-seal (BFS) vial cards, blisters and various medical technology products including pens and inhalers.


Unique Heat Sealing technology

Fuji has patented technology for sealing, it uses induction based heating system, which gradually heats the film without damaging the laminate. There is various points of film preheating, which allows usage of high barrier films of even up to 95 micron.

The pre heat system allows the machine to immediately set the machine to the optimum temperature and maintain it using high end sensors. This lowers the temperature fluctuation and thereby avoiding crimping & damage to laminate which helps to avoid any damage to the pharma product.


Best seal with box motion

Fuji’s experience of many years in box motion technology, has helped to achieve the best sealing quality for High barrier films in Pharma industry. The unique box motion with to & fro motion allows more dwell time & heat time for the sealable layer to melt and fuse. The special high tension springs provide the pressure necessary to fuse the 2 layers. Fuji technical team decides the appropriate springs after intensive testing & trial run of laminate.


Japanese engineering- Easy to use & low service cost

The best Japanese engineering practices are followed by Fuji and this reflects in the ease of operation. The flowrapper has toolless removal of most commonly used systems.

The Centre seal system can be removed by a single declamping. This “Unitization” of sealing system allows for easy maintenance for operators and thereby increasing the life of the machine and also reducing the service cost.

Few products packaged using Fuji Flow wrap machine.


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